Invest with us

Investors can appreciate their financial resources with us through investments in the fund of qualified investors Aequitas Investment Capital SICAV a.s., bonds issued by Aequitas Capital Investment a.s., which is part of the fund, by purchasing investment mountain apartments or they can discuss direct private investment with our experts.

„We are currently focusing on development projects in the Czech mountains. It is the unique locations together with good accessibility and the range of services that are key factors in our strategy and also in our joint investments.“

Lukáš Weigner
Managing Partner AEQUITAS Group

We have a precise financial and business plan for each project from the very beginning. Thanks to these key tools, we know exactly which direction the project is going, who the target group is and what purpose it will serve. Our work is not only about numbers and statistics, but also about the real results we achieve in everyday practice.

We work with carefully developed options, including crisis scenarios. We consistently monitor the level of risk, which has a major impact on the profitability of a given project. We believe that the success of an investment lies not only in theoretical calculations, but above all in our capable actions and practical approach.

Our investment decisions are not only driven by numerical indicators, but above all by human approach and personal commitment. We are here to bring real value and success to our clients.

Invest with us

Investors can appreciate their finances through the qualified investors fund Aequitas Capital Investment SICAV a.s. or AEQUITAS group bonds issued by Aequitas Capital Investment a.s., which is part of the SICAV fund. We invest in carefully prepared development projects, real estate and companies.

We enter all our projects with a large part of our own funds. We offer investors quality project management, transparency and many years of experience of our investment team.


Do you like certainty and predetermined terms and rate of appreciation? Do you want to try investing with the AEQUITAS group first? Choose bonds issued by Aequitas Capital Investment a.s., which are available from the amount of CZK 50,000 with a fixed annual yield.

Investment fund

Aequitas Capital Investment SICAV a.s. (Aequitas Restructuring and Development sub-fund) offers you the opportunity to invest in a fund of qualified investors and participate in carefully vetted development and restructuring projects from our investment portfolio.

Projects in the investment portfolio

Our achievements illustrate the ability to turn investment opportunities into real results. With expert project management, financial background and commitment to long-term sustainability, we bring investors the appreciation of their funds.

Our Projects