Code of ethic

Code of ethic of the AEQUITAS group


Compliance with legal regulations and ethical rules is a priority for all members of the AEQUITAS group.

The aim of this code of ethics is to establish the basic principles and rules of ethical behavior for the AEQUITAS group. These standards apply both in relation to our business partners, customers and investors, as well as within the company between individual employees. The code of ethics is binding for all companies within the group as well as for all its employees.


When selecting co-workers, we fill positions with individuals with appropriate professional and moral qualifications. The basic principle is equal treatment and rejection of any discrimination based on gender, race, religion or political belief, sexual orientation or health and social status. Adherence to the rules of personnel policy is important for us.

Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming work environment where each individual respects their surroundings and together strives to achieve the group's goals. That is why we emphasize compliance with basic ethical and moral principles. A working atmosphere based on these principles strengthens the ability to achieve quality results. Managers are responsible for the results in their area of operation within the group and have the authority to control the activities and results of their subordinates. At the same time, they are a moral example for their teams.

Within and outside the AEQUITAS group, we always behave with respect and loyalty to the parent group, owners, investors, but also to other employees and associates in order to preserve the good name of our organization. However, this does not prevent anyone from reporting unethical or illegal practices if they witness them.

Duties of employees towards the employer
The basic duty of AEQUITAS Group employees is support and development. They treat the employer's property with respect, protect it and use it in accordance with the principles of economy. Working time is used efficiently.

  • The property of the group is not used for purposes unrelated to the scope of work, unless otherwise stipulated by internal regulations.
  • Working time is used exclusively for the employer's work interests.
  • Company funds are not used for private purposes.
  • If damage is discovered, this fact is reported to the superior employee.

Anti-corruption measures
Corruption and any other unfair practices are socially unacceptable. We act in accordance with the zero tolerance rule.
Bribery is the provision of money or other material values, information or services and other benefits that are not claimed, and which directly lead to a financial or other advantage.
Suspicion of corrupt behavior is reported to a superior worker or group management.

Behavior of employees outside the workplace and working hours
An employee of the group is obliged to contribute to the good name of the group through honest behavior, even outside of working hours.

Protection of personal data
Personal data means all personal data about employees, customers or business partners and investors that the AEQUITAS Group obtains. Care is taken to comply with all regulations for the protection of personal data.

It is the duty of every employee to carefully protect all personal data with which he comes into contact during the performance of his work. He is authorized to provide this data only to persons who are authorized to do so, according to the relevant legal regulations or with the written consent of the person concerned.

It is the duty of the group's employees to immediately report suspected leakage or misuse of personal data to the relevant manager.

Protection of sensitive and confidential information
AEQUITAS Group emphasizes the protection of all sensitive and confidential information.

Employees are obliged to communicate only absolutely necessary information as part of their work and when dealing with business relationships. They are instructed in the need to maintain confidentiality in cases where it concerns them.

It is the duty of the group's employees to immediately report suspected leakage or misuse of personal data to the relevant manager.

Conflicts of interest and competitors
AEQUITAS Group employees avoid situations that could lead to a conflict of interest.


Clients and customers
The legitimate interests of our clients take precedence over the own interests of AEQUITAS Group employees.

The primary goal of AEQUITAS Group employees is satisfied clients. We provide services and professional assistance at the highest possible level.

  • we do not abuse clients' trust or any lack of knowledge or experience
  • we fulfill entrusted and promised tasks on time and with high quality
  • we properly inform our clients
  • we treat clients equally regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or political or religious affiliation

Our investors
The AEQUITAS group strives to ensure permanent and sustainable growth for investors, projects and business partners.

Negotiations and business transactions of the AEQUITAS Group are carried out with respect to the principles and rules of economic competition.
If we provide information to the public, it is only on the condition that it is accurate and respects confidentiality obligations.


The Code of Ethics and all its subsequent amendments become effective on the date of its publication.